Tri-Mach Goes West: New office open in Manitoba

TriMach-Goes-WestTri-Mach Group Inc. is excited to announce we have opened a new office in Winnipeg, Manitoba, an expansion made possible through a long-held partnership with Boisco Enterprise Ltd.

This expansion will allow Tri- Mach to better serve our valued customers in Western Canada and meet the demand for solutions and services in food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing and packaging.

“Having an office in Manitoba is an exciting step for Tri-Mach,” said Krystal Darling, CEO.

“We believe the location in Winnipeg is the best site to support ongoing company expansion. For our valued customers in the West, this means quicker project turnaround, improved cost effectiveness, and better access to our comprehensive suite of best-in-class services.”

Through its unparalleled integrity and workmanship, Boisco has established a solid working relationship with its customers and partners.

Boisco shares the same dedication to world- class service as Tri-Mach Group Inc., and the two companies have forged a strong partnership over the last decade.

A leader in innovative flooring solutions and custom and industrial painting, Boisco Enterprise Ltd., has delivered quality service to Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario for 15 years.

In 2016, Boisco and TriMach decided to expand on this loyalty.

Having outgrown its facilities, Boisco moved to a new location at 601 Washington Ave., Winnipeg, in October.

The company welcomes TriMach to Manitoba and hopes everything feels at home in the new location.

Both companies look forward to working together on upcoming projects and seeing what the future may hold.