Manufactured from technically advanced methyl methacrylate resin, Boisco PermaLine is the ideal product for creating crisp and clear lines and other stencil applied markings. Based on heavy duty BASt (German Road Institute) certificated road marking resins, the PermaLine system offers outstanding durability.

Applied using manual techniques (screed box, trowel or roller), the system is designed to provide excellent performance, flexibility and resistance to extreme operating conditions. Suitable for both asphalt and concrete substrates.

Typical Installation Areas

  • Car park bay marking
  • Arrows, lettering and other stencil applied markings
  • Carriageway line re-instatement
  • Gas stations
  • Airports (non-runway)
  • Safety lines and demarcation

System Features & Benefits

Rapid installation
Minimal disruption. Cures within just 30 minutes of installation.
Outstanding durability
Up to 3 x the life expectancy of traditional products, using traditional application methods. Life expectancy can be further enhanced by embedding the PermaLine within the surface.
Cold applied
None of health and safety issues associated with hot trades, minimised environmental impact.
UV resistant
Provides crack free performance and colour stability.
Incredibly strong bond
To both concrete and asphalt substrates. Exceptional skid resistance that can be tailored.
Superb thermal stability
No softening or degradation during summer months, flexible in winter months.
Excellent chemical and road salt resistance

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