Boisco's Full Broadcast Heavy Duty (FB HD) System is 50% more hard wearing than the standard Full Broadcast System.

The FB HD System is an extremely robust methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin screed, the ideal specification for areas which are continually exposed to high levels of machinery, heavy loads, robotic actions or mechanical process.

The highly textured surface is achieved with a full broadcast of coloured quartz and coloured aluminum oxide, which is finished with seal coats providing a fully encapsulated system.

System Features & Benefits

Boisco Systems are fully cured within 2 hours at temperatures down to -30º C.
Minimum downtime, rapid refurbishment, fast track new builds.
Creates a totally impervious surface without pinholes or air bubbles.
Extremely hygienic, outstanding aesthetics and easy to clean.
Exceptional bond to existing subfloors and a chemical bond between layers creates a truly monolithic floor.
Longevity, ability to overlay existing floors.
Exceptional resistance to UV light, weathering, physical and chemical attack.
Durability, "fit for purpose".
Bold mono colour finishes.
High definition colours highlights areas.
Elastic and does not shrink.
Resistant to cracking, minimal joints creating better detailing.


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