At Boisco we try and keep things simple. So, rather than offer a complex range of products, all with different core benefits, we work on the principle that certain performance criteria, especially outstanding slip resistance, incredible durability and ultra fast cure times are a pre-requisite.

As such, all our advanced resin flooring systems provide the following outstanding features and benefits.

Ultra fast 2 hour cure time at temperatures down to -30°C

The unique characteristics of Boisco resins mean that all stages of installation (priming, coating and sealing) can be undertaken with minimal, if any, waiting time between applications and that just 2 hours after installation is complete, Boisco systems are fully cured and ready for immediate use.

This feature alone separates Boisco resins from other resin products such as polyurethane, polyaspartic and epoxy which suffer from significantly longer curing periods, both between installation stages and the time to ultimate cure. Many of our competitors will claim a cure time of as low as twelve hours, but this will be to physical cure allowing light foot traffic. Full chemical cure allowing these systems to be returned to full operational use can take anywhere between 4 - 10 days and this timescale is significantly impacted by temperature (i.e. this range is based on an optimum installation temperature of 15-20ºC, but cure times will increase as temperatures decrease)

The curing process for Boisco systems is unaffected by temperature and hence the 2 hour cure can be achieved in temperatures as low as -30°C, thus avoiding the cost and inconvenience of extended cure times and / or having to heat spaces to raise temperatures.

Flexible finishes that do not shrink

Ideal for low temperature installations and external installations, excellent resistance to cracking and weathering, better detailing, outstanding durability.

Each Boisco installation is unique, so the choice of resins will follow a detailed assessment of site conditions to deliver outstanding performance. All of our resins offer a degree of flexibility to ensure that neat and durable detailing can be achieved. In environments such as car parks where cracking may be an issue, we use our highly flexible resins.

In addition, our resins provide excellent shrink resistant characteristics so they can be used to finish our systems directly up to gulleys, channels, manhole covers and many other areas, where lesser systems will require an infill using a flexible "foreign" material (i.e. not the same resin as the main finish).

The introduction of a "foreign" material often causes the weak point at which other finishes fail. This situation is avoided by using Boisco, creating truly unrivalled durability.

Outstanding slip resistance that can be tailored to project specific parameters

All Boisco systems are designed to deliver outstanding slip resistance in the environments for which they were designed. However, to provide ultimate customer flexibility, all of our systems can be tailored to offer just the right balance between slip resistance and cleanability, so that each finish is safe, looks great, but is also easy to live with and use day to day.

For more demanding environments, quartz aggregates are broadcast onto the surface of uncured resin and become suspended close to the surface to give the floor the desired slip resistant properties. This texture is permanently sealed in by applying finishing coats of Boisco resin (remember: each resin coating fuses chemically to the last, so the Boisco aggregates cannot be removed from the floor's surface) resulting in an extremely hardwearing, evenly textured floor finish that will retain its slip-resistant properties throughout its agreed design life. Other resin systems may not be finished this way which can result in early life degradation of the slip resistant properties of the finish.

Exceptional bond to most substrates including concrete, steel, tiles, other resins, asphalt and marine ply

Ability to overlay existing floors resulting in minimal disruption and reduced costs.

Boisco's unique reactive primers key deep into the substrate to achieve outstanding bond strength. Where required, specialist additives are also used to etch and further strengthen the bond onto substrates such as steel and tiles, avoiding the cost and disruption of removal (other resin types often have difficulty bonding to these surfaces).

The outstanding characteristics of our primer technology, coupled with an unrivalled range of body coat and seal resins allow us to complete installations in the most challenging of situations, often without the need to remove existing finishes, thus avoiding significant cost, mess and disruption. The time savings alone that can be achieved by using Boisco to overlay existing finishes has made us the product of choice in many industries, especially food and drink production, commercial catering and retail where the speed of installation (and minimal disruption) is paramount.

Seamless and impermeable

All Boisco systems are totally impermeable to liquids, can be installed without joints and do not suffer from pinholes which can harbour bacteria. These benefits, together with exceptional strength and durability have enabled our systems to meet or exceed all international food processing and hygiene standards (inc. CFIA, EU and FDA), making them ideal for food and beverage production and commercial catering environments.

Contrast Boisco with:

Tiles: Problems are associated with joints (difficult to clean and can harbour bacteria) and poor slip-resistance, particularly in wet / greasy conditions. Boisco systems are often used to over-coat or replace tiled floors.

Vinyl sheet: These products can tear and become brittle over time resulting in defects that result in failure and hygiene issues. Additionally, the welded joints are prone to failure allowing water and contaminants to get under the floor finish, again resulting in hygiene and cleaning issues. Boisco systems are often used to replace failing vinyl sheet installations and increasing as the product of choice in areas where vinyl sheet has traditionally been used.

Polyurethane resins: Polyurethane floors tend to 'pin-hole'. These tiny holes, masked by the top coat of resin, are exposed with wear to leave a floor that may be unsuitable for areas where hygiene is important. Additionally, as these floors have a tendency to shrink, failure at transition joints and around areas of detail can occur, again resulting in hygiene issues. Poor slip-resistance is also a common problem. Boisco is often used to resurface / replace this type of floor. To find out more, please read our Boisco versus other flooring resin systems sheet.

Unrivalled range of decorative finishes

Custom tailored installations, matches to existing finishes.

Boisco systems can be supplied in a wide range of colour variations, from either our standard ranges or by mixing and matching to a clients exact requirements to create a custom finish. We can also create matches to existing on-site finishes or competitor products - all we need is a sample. In most cases, there is no cost penalty for this level of flexibility. We work on the principle that customers should have freedom of choice, rather than being constrained to a standard colour chart.

The flexibility we can offer has enabled our customers to achieve stunning finishes that are totally unique and often matched to corporate colours and / or the latest design trends.

Exceptional resistance to chemical and physical attack

Due to our highly advanced resin technology, Boisco systems provide excellent resistance to a wide range of aggressive chemicals, including: most organic and mineral acids; alkalis; salt solutions; petrochemicals; natural oils and fats; disinfectants and cleansers; and fruit and vegetable juices.

The results of chemical resistance tests are available on request; and with access to some of the world's most advanced testing facilities dedicated to this area, we will also be pleased to discuss any concerns about the effect of specific compounds on Boisco floor systems and instigate specific tests as required.

Our floors are designed to withstand constant and often very high traffic levels, and in many cases the most heavy duty use. The reliability and durability of our systems mean they get specified and used in some of industry's most challenging conditions . In food and chemical processing, loading and distribution areas, engineering workshops, and in many retail, leisure and other commercial applications.

A vast number of installations over the past 35 years have now benefited from the advanced resin technology on which Boisco Systems is based. As a testament to the quality and durability of our products, many of these systems are still in use.

Ultra strong chemical bond between layers, creating a truly monolithic finish

Outstanding durability, can be easily refurbished and repaired.

Unlike polyurethane, polyaspartic and epoxy-based finishes where the bond between coating layers is purely mechanical (so coating layers could be separated from each other), each layer within a Boisco system 'fuses' chemically to earlier layers creating a reliable, monolithic structure where the layers cannot be separated and will not de-laminate regardless of load or thermal variation (within systems design parameters).

This unique feature also allows Boisco systems to be rapidly and permanently upgraded and repaired, whereas repairs / upgrades to other resin types are either impossible or inherently flawed where old meets new.

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