How quickly can we be back in business?

Boisco flooring systems achieve full chemical and physical cure in less than two hours following installation, which means your business can be fully operational within two hours of works being completed.

What environments can Boisco flooring finishes be installed in?

Boisco resin flooring systems are extremely versatile and can be used almost anywhere, including most internal and external commercial and industrial environments. Due to their exceptional resistance to temperatures, they can be installed all year round regardless of weather conditions (-30°C to +35°C).

What sub floors can Boisco be installed onto?

Boisco systems can be installed onto concrete, pumice stone concrete, cementitious screeds, hardwood marine grade WBP, tiles, terrazzo, and galvanised metals, as well as certain quick curing polymer modified screeds.

Who will install our systems?

To ensure high standards of installation, Boisco only supplies resins to carefully selected installation partners who have extensive experience not just in resin application, but predominantly in the application of fast curing resins systems.

I've heard that MMA products have a distinctive smell!

MMA resins do have a distinctive odour, however it is not toxic or harmful and disappears as soon as the floor is completely cured (within 2 hours), which serves as a great indicator for when business operations can be fully resumed.

When needed, it is also possible to minimize and control the odour through employing appropriate odour control (air circulation and ventilation) techniques that have been developed over many years and tested in the most demanding of situations.

Can you supply anti microbial / bacterial additives for your systems?

Boisco has chosen not to market these additives primarily because all of our resin systems are 'pinhole' free in their nature and therefore do not allow for bacteria to harbour within the floor. Our suggestion is to review the evidence available before specifying additives that once in the floor cannot be removed. The best way to control bacterial growth is to employ a comprehensive and regular cleaning regime, something on which we are happy to advise.

In your literature, you state that your flooring systems are anti-slip but so do all your competitors. Is there really a difference?

The Boisco FB and QTA Systems have been designed specifically to be anti-slip at the extremes of full production conditions. The Health and Safety Executive states that a coefficient fraction value of 0.4 should be the minimum acceptable level of slip resistance. Our FB and QTA systems achieve a level of at least 0.42 when covered in vegetable oil and 0.72 when wet. These results are exceptional and we would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of this to potential customers in a back-to-back test against any of our competitors.

How easy are your systems to repair / refurbish?

Each layer in a Boisco system bonds chemically to the next creating a truly monolithic floor. To refurbish our systems, the surface need only be lightly abraded, following which a partial system can be installed (depending on customer requirements) and be ready again for full use within just two hours of completion.

Your company makes a big point of the stated two-hour cure time. Why is this so much shorter than other resin systems?

MMA resin systems employ a different method of molecular bonding to form the polymer chains of a finished and fully cured system. In simple terms, one chemical element of our system can attach itself to any part of another element, with with other resins a definitive match must be achieved. Additionally, MMA resin systems are cold setting, whilst epoxy and polyurethane systems are thermo-setting. This means that epoxies and polyurethanes require warm environments (+15°C) to cure at their optimum rate whilst Boisco Systems will cure in two hours or less regardless of ambient temperature (down to -30°C).

Can we have an anti-slip system that is easy to clean?

Yes, providing the correct cleaning equipment and cleaning regime is observed and maintained. We are more than happy to advise further.

Can we use hot water and steam cleaning equipment to clean down?

Yes, where required our systems can be designed to withstand constant 80°C hot water temperatures. This will include resistance to correctly employed steam cleaning.

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