A highly decorative methyl methacrylate screed that can be installed rapidly. The flake finish can be aesthetically matched to existing floor finishes, including vinyl, terrazzo and ceramic tiles. This high performance system is used widely in retail, leisure and other public venues.

System Features & Benefits

Boisco Systems are fully cured within 2 hours at temperatures down to -30º C.
Minimum downtime, rapid refurbishment.
Creates a totally impervious surface without pinholes or air bubbles which can affect other resin systems.
Extremely hygienic, outstanding aesthetics and easy to clean.
Exceptional bond to existing subfloors and a chemical bond between layers creates a truly monolithic floor.
Longevity, ability to overlay existing floors.
Exceptional resistance to UV light, weathering, physical and chemical attack.
Durability, "fit for purpose".
Tailored decorative finishes including UV reflective flakes and pearlescent particles.
Custom and innovative finishes that can be easily matched to vinyl sheet, terrazzo and ceramic tiles.
Elastic and does not shrink.
Resistant to cracking, minimal joints creating better detailing.

Typical Installation areas

  • Supermarkets / Convenience stores
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Vehicle dealerships / Show Rooms
  • Prisons and police stations
  • Leisure venues
  • Hospitals
  • Welfare Areas
  • Locker Rooms / Corridors
  1. Top Coat
    Protective layer.
    Sealing of broadcast material.
    Provides chemical resistance.
  2. Body Coat
    Incorporating quartz aggregates.
    Provides mechanical strength for the system.
  3. Primer Coat
    Creates an impervious barrier.
    Provides adhesion between subfloor and coating.
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