Based on advanced fast curing resin technology, Boisco C17 high strength repair mortar produces an ultra fast curing solution with a compressive strength of 85 MPa (N/mm2 ). Designed for repairing and levelling concrete surfaces, especially those that will experience heavy duty use, Boisco C17 can be applied at depths up to 120mm and at temperatures as low as -30ºC.

Boisco C17 consists of a resin component and a bagged filler component, that when mixed create a flowable mortar that can be bulked to enhance cost effectiveness. A thixotrope can be added to C17 in order to create ramps / falls.

System Features & Benefits

Ultra fast cure time.
As little as 40 minutes Minimal disruption.
Easy DIY application possible.
Cost effective.
Exceptional strength (85N/mm²) and durability.
Peace of mind.
Excellent chemical resistance.
Ideal as a high strength wearing surface.
May be pigmented.
Ideal for matching to surrounding areas.

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